Anne J. Atkinson, Ph.D., President and Founder 


Dr. Atkinson founded PolicyWorks, Ltd. in 1995 after having served as an administrator in both school division and juvenile court settings and earlier in the field of child welfare – experiences that gave her great insight into not only the complex human challenges that these systems seek to address but the ways that organizations can promote (or retard) effective policies and practices.


Numerous projects for which PolicyWorks has provided services largely reflect the nexus of justice, education, and child welfare.

Dr. Atkinson has a keen interest in bridging the gap between research and practice and in making the best-available information from research more understandable and available to decision makers and front-line professionals. Experiences in assisting state officials led Dr. Atkinson to further expand the range of services of PolicyWorks, Ltd. from program evaluation and policy research to developing highly customized publications and training curricula designed to build the capacity of local policy makers and front-line professionals to implement effective, evidence-based practices.


Dr. Atkinson has provided leadership to two multi-year statewide capacity-building initiatives in the areas of prevention and school safety and is currently involved with a nation-level initiative to strengthen systems of post-adoption services.

Dr. Atkinson earned a MSW and PhD in urban services, both from Virginia Commonwealth University. She is a longstanding member of several professional associations and currently serves as a Governor’s appointee to the Virginia Family and Children’s Trust Fund Board. She and her husband enjoy being grandparents, living in a historic home, and engaging in various historic preservation activities.




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