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PolicyWorks, Ltd. is an independent, non-partisan program evaluation and policy research firm based in central Virginia.


Established in 1995, PolicyWorks, Ltd. is respected for its independent needs assessments, program evaluations, and policy analyses as well as its development of numerous publications and curricula that have effectively strengthened front-line professional practices in the fields of education, child welfare, criminal justice, and prevention. 


PolicyWorks, Ltd. works with federal, state, and local governments, private non-profit and for-profit organizations, universities, and foundations, providing highly credible, relevant, and usable information that informs policy, planning, program management, and practice.  Services are carefully tailored to individual client needs to produce results which are both credible and cost-effective.


PolicyWorks, Ltd. welcomes your inquiries and feedback.  For additional information or a confidential consultation,please contact us at:


Anne J. Atkinson, Ph.D., President and Founder








PolicyWorks, Ltd.

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